Why So Many Rich People Aren’t Happy

Within the history of music there are many examples of tragic figures who have achieved incredible success but don't seem to be any happier for it. Kurt Cobain is one of the greatest examples of this. Cobain had a difficult childhood with his parents divorcing and him bouncing from home to home sometimes spending the... Continue Reading →

Booking Pink Floyd in 1969

Pink Floyd are one of the most successful acts of all time. They have sold in excess of 250,000,000 albums worldwide and have more than 10,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. I'm personally a big fan of them and David Gilmour happens to be my favourite guitarist so I can understand their incredible level of success.... Continue Reading →

Why So Many Artists Hate iTunes

Apple have had arguably a greater influence on the music industry in modern times than any musician. When they introduced the iPod way back in 2001, they basically created the first viable platform for digital music to succeed on. Yes, before the iPod there was MP3 players,  but none of them really managed to take... Continue Reading →

Why Band Break Ups Mean More Bands

 It’s an unfortunate truth that tragedy and musicians tend to go very much hand in hand. The world is decorated with thousands of murals commemorating musicians taken before their time in unfortunate circumstances. Last week was the anniversary of one of the prime figures of tragedy in music, Kurt Cobain, who unfortunately took his own... Continue Reading →

How to Calculate if Practice Actually Makes Perfect

Academics have one job, to advance knowledge within their field. The two ways they do this are by teaching and researching. Both are obviously important because teaching communicates what is already known within the field, while research creates new knowledge. Economic research involves quite a bit of quantitative measurement and seeing if one thing is... Continue Reading →

How Golden Discs Get Extra Money From Me

A recent post on this site looked at the decline in the contribution of physical music to global music revenue. CDs and Vinyl have finally been overtaken by streaming in this field. While there is a definite decline in the sale of CDs and other physical music formats, they still have their place in the music... Continue Reading →

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