Why Bruce Springsteen has Never had a Number One Single

Bruce Springsteen is without doubt one of the most influential songwriters ever. Some have even said that he was the 1970’s answer to Bob Dylan. Despite his incredible success, the New Jersey native has never had a number one single in the American charts. In fact, according to ultimateclassicrock.com’s list of artists with no number... Continue Reading →


The Talent Myth – Talent vs. Development

I’ve already written two entries about Ed Sheeran on this blog (see here and here). So, before I get any stick for the title of this article suggesting that Ed Sheeran doesn’t have talent, let me establish that I am one of his biggest fans. I find his music, live performances, personality, and work ethic... Continue Reading →

Why Musicians Tour

In the modern age of the camera phone and social media, there is an argument that live performances are becoming less important for musicians because music can be promoted digitally and fans can watch live performances from decades ago on constant loop online. It is not the case anymore that the only way an Irish... Continue Reading →

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