Stopping Prejudices in Music

U2 recently wrapped up their world tour in Dublin’s 3 arena. At a time like this surly Bono and the boys must find themselves reflecting upon their incredible careers to date. Not only are they by far the most successful band to ever come out of Ireland, but also one of the most successful bands... Continue Reading →


How the 2008 Financial Crisis Made Aloe Blacc Rich – Positive Externalities and the Financial Crisis

The 2008 financial crisis was one of the toughest economic shocks to the world economy in history. Unemployment, homelessness, and poverty became very prevalent problems in even the World's most developed countries. While the effects of the crisis were devastating for most people, there were some benefits which came out of the financial crisis. Now whether... Continue Reading →

Underrated Songs – A Look at Graphs

Economists are forever using graphs to try and illustrate concepts visually. The most famous example of this is probably the supply & demand graph, but graphs can be used to illustrate pretty much anything. This blog has posted many entries explaining various concepts in economics but hasn’t yet utilised a graph. Even though graphs aren’t... Continue Reading →

Why Musicians Tour

In the modern age of the camera phone and social media, there is an argument that live performances are becoming less important for musicians because music can be promoted digitally and fans can watch live performances from decades ago on constant loop online. It is not the case anymore that the only way an Irish... Continue Reading →

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