How Picture This Sold Out Concerts Without a Major Record Label

If you live in Ireland and have ears, you have definitely heard of Irish pop sensation Picture This. The Athy duo just finished playing their five sell-out concerts in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre and will play two nights in Cork’s Marquee on the ninth and tenth of June. The group also managed to perform on Ireland’s top television platform, the Late Late show before their one year anniversary as a band. The success of Picture This is well deserved with the duo creating fantastic pop songs without the help of major label producers. Although, there has been many a fantastic musician who made brilliant pop music but still weren’t able to achieve the level of success that Picture This did in the short space of time which they did it in. So, what helped in Picture This’s success? Critical Mass.

Critical Mass is achieved when enough people start to engage with an innovation that it is able to grow and sustain further levels of growth. One of the most well-known works in this area is by a man named Malcolm Gladwell. He wrote a book called The Tipping Point which discusses how various phenomena gained the attention of the public and how the process of this growth occurs. The incident that led to the occurrence of all this growth is known as the tipping point. The tipping point is usually a moment of exposure on a big platform which an innovation receives and as a result gains a large number of adopters. It’s how things like Pokémon cards and fidget spinners become trends.

In the case of Picture this their tipping point was probably when they uploaded a cover of Aslan’s song crazy world on their Facebook page where during the video Aslan singer, Christy Dignam pops up from behind the pop duo and joins in singing the song. The video went viral and was even shared by and currently, has nearly 200,000 views. See link below.

Through the sharing of the video on and various other people’s Facebook pages the duo gained an incredible amount of exposure and people began to listen to Picture This’s own music and they built up a huge fanbase. The success of the video also allowed the duo to gain the attention of other famous Irish musician’s, such as Gavin James, Glen Power (of the Script) and Danny O’Reilly (of the Coronas) to perform a similar style video with the band with their own music. These videos allowed for Picture This to gain more and more popularity and helped them to showcase their own music to the public a lot faster than a new group usually would.
By Daragh O’Leary

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