Most Common Chords in Coldplay’s Most Successful Songs

Two articles that feature on this site were chord analysis’s of the most common chords in successful songs by British bands Oasis and The Beatles. The aim of these articles was to illustrate the concept of efficiency in economics and both articles found that G was the most commonly used chord followed by C and D. Links to these two articles can be found below.

The two articles generated quite a bit of interest in the fan communities of both bands so I thought I’d keep it going by analysing the chords of another British band, Coldplay. Now a slight issue I am running into with these articles is that the original one on The Beatles analysed their number one singles (27 songs) and the second on Oasis analysed their number ones (8 songs). Now for Coldplay, I have decided to analyse their top five most successful songs according to the UK’s official chart history website as the band have only had two singles which reached the number one spot in the UK and this wouldn’t make for a very large data set compared to the other articles.

So, Coldplay’s five most successful songs in the UK have been Viva La Vida, Paradise, In My Place, Speed of Sound and Something Just Like This which were all in the Top two spots of the chart. The analysis of the five songs can be seen graphed below.

Chord Analysis Colplay

As can be seen in the graph above the most used chord was once again G followed by new comer B minor in second and taking joint third place was the joint second most used chords in the other two articles C and D. E minor also was used the same amount as C and D being used in 3 out of five of the songs.

There will be more analysis of other artists done on the site to come to see if G can remain the most used once again. If any of our readers would like to see their favourite band or artist’s song analysed in the next chord analysis article please email or message us on Facebook.

By Daragh O’Leary

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