Bohemian Rhapsody Film is Sending Queen’s Music Back into the Charts

A recent post on this blog looked at the positive impact which musicians playing concerts has on the increase in consumption of their music (See Here). Now while that’s all well and good for musicians who can tour and are alive and able bodied, a lot of beloved musicians are unfortunately no longer with us and aren’t able to tour. To see if there was a different way for a musician’s music to go back into the charts I said I’d look at the effect which the new Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody has had on the consumption of Queen’s music.

To do this I checked what date the film was released in the UK (24th of October) and looked at the number of Queen songs which were in the UK’s Spotify top 200 chart before and after the release of the film. Unsurprisingly, there was an increase in Queen songs in the charts (see graph below).

Spotify Queen Songs

As can be seen in the graph above, there were no Queen songs in the UK top 200 on the 18th of October but the days leading up to the film’s release one or two songs began to creep back into the charts. The release date of the film is highlighted in red (24th of October) and as can be seen there were still only two Queen songs in the UK top 200, but then on the 26th of October after the film started to gather steam six Queen songs jumped into the chart.

The most recent data available at the time of this study has shown that there are eight Queen songs in the charts as of the 30th of October in the post release phase of the Bohemian Rhapsody film. What is interesting about the effect which films have on music streams as opposed to concerts is that they seem to have a less immediate but more prolonged effect. Probably because a concert is a once off event, whereas a film stays in cinema and is viewed by individuals over a longer time.

By Daragh O’Leary

The data used for this study was retrieved from: and accessed on 31/10/2018 at 18:38

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