The Rise of Donegal Sea Sessions

This site by in large is a blog which tries to explain basic economic concepts using examples from the music industry. However, it also occasionally provides an economic analysis of events in the music industry in order to provide commentary on the world of music.

A popular example of this was the recent analysis of the Electric Picnic festival’s headliners this year in comparison to previous years (see here), and with one of Ireland’s most popular festivals kicking off next week I thought it would be nice to conduct an analysis of the headlining acts of the Donegal Sea Sessions festival.

The analysis is pretty straight forward, I check the three main headlining acts of the festival over the last few years and use the number of monthly Spotify listeners that each act has as an approximate measurement for the size of the headliners that year. The results can be seen below.

Monthly Listeners 2015-2019

As can be seen above the size of the festival’s headliners has increased each year from 2015 except for 2017. The size of the headliners (Sigrid, Clean Bandit, and Two Door Cinema Club) currently stands at a combined 32,238,343 monthly Spotify listeners, meaning the festival grew at the rate of just over +103% from the previous year. What’s even better news for the Ulster festival is that this year it passes out Electric Picnic and the mighty Glastonbury festival in terms of headlining acts.

EP Glasto Sea Sessions

Sea Sessions narrowly gets the better of the Electric Picnic festival headliners by +1,500,901 monthly listeners and trounces the Glastonbury festival headliners by +10,017,143. Here’s to many more years of the Donegal Sea Sessions.

By Daragh O’Leary


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