The Bublé Effect

One of the posts on this site, available here, looked at something I called the St. Patrick’s Day Effect. This is when the event of St. Patrick’s Day takes place and as a result there is an increase in the consumption of goods and services which are associated with Ireland. I thought seen as we are getting into the Christmas season I would do a similar post for this time of year. This one is called the Bublé Effect.

This is when the Christmas period causes a change in consumer preferences for music and as a result  Michael Bublé’s music goes back into the charts. More specifically his Christmas music. This effect has become somewhat of a cultural meme on the internet where people joke that when it gets to December Michael Bublé is starting to come out of his cave and rejoin the music industry. Now while it is a funny joke, the Bublé Effect is a seriously profitable time for Michael Bublé.

Buble songs in the sotify chart

As can be seen in the above graph the Bublé Effect has already started to take place  even this early into the festive season. As early as the 25th of November Michael Bublé’s music was already starting to get into the top 200 global Spotify chart. On the first of December there was as many as 4 of his songs in the chart and while he is now sat at just 3 songs, one would imagine that he may get back to 4 as the festive season continues.

By Daragh O’Leary

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