Are Podcast Listeners Coping Better During the Lockdown?

It is often said that music is a form of therapy and a lot of research finds that it is beneficial to people in stressful situations. This got me wondering whether or not it could it help alleviate some of the stresses associated with the COVID19 lockdown situation. We are all struggling with being away from our friends and family and if you’re from Cork like I am, the weather. Instead of simply pondering whether listening to music might help with this I thought I’d set up a survey and see for myself what the case was. I was fortunate enough to get nearly 60 responses in just under 24 hours so I said I would analyse these results for today’s post.

The first noteworthy finding was that According to the respondents of this survey, Spotify use has gone up during the lockdown for most of them. Just over 54% of respondents said that their Spotify use had increased. This indicates that people are probably resorting to music and podcasts a bit more to occupy time previously taken up by ordinary life. To figure out whether Spotify activity was affecting how people were coping with the lockdown I asked respondents how they felt they were coping with the lockdown on a scale from 1-5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. There were three variables which were significantly related toward how people were coping with the COVID19 lockdown.

Coefficient Values

The results indicate that higher levels of Spotify use were positively associated with how people were coping with the lockdown. What I found more interesting was that using Spotify primarily for podcasts rather than music seems to be associated with higher levels of resilience during the lockdown. I hadn’t put much thought into why this might be the case but I suppose maybe it’s because a podcast is the closest you’ll get to simulating the company of others during a lonely time.

Another interesting result is that it seems that male respondents are reporting higher levels of resilience during the lockdown. I am hoping that any readers with any ideas as to why this might be the case could get in touch and let me know as I’ve had a harder time trying to come up with a potential explanation for this finding. With all this in mind it seems the best advice I can leave you with is pick a podcast and try and weather the rest of the lockdown as best you can and thank you very much to anyone who filled out the survey used for today’s post. If you are interested in keeping up with more analysis of the Irish music industry, please give Music Economics a like on Facebook.

By Daragh O’Leary

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