Increased Internet Search Activity For Music Streaming Services in Ireland and the UK

The COVID19 pandemic has brought about an increase in both unemployment and remote home office working. This is seeing a lot more people with time at home. As well as this lockdown and social distancing restrictions have rendered socialising more difficult among friends and loved ones. All of this extra time at home got me thinking a few weeks back weather people were engaging with music more as a kind of coping mechanism or even as a mitigation strategy against the boredom of lockdown, so this week I thought I would analyse whether this was the case or not.

I retrieved data from Google Trends on how frequently the terms Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Tidal were searched on Google. To see how the COVID lockdown was impacting this I got a variable which indicates the number of days since and after the lockdown. Days before the restrictions have negative values and days after the restrictions have positive values. The relationship between most streaming services and days in lockdown were statistically significant but as I try to keep this blog relatively reader friendly and concise I will show only the analysis of the effect of the relationship between Spotify and days in lockdown.

UK and Ireland Compare Scatter for Spotify

The above scatter plots show the relationship between Google search activity for Spotify before and during the lockdown restrictions for Ireland and the UK. The day lockdown restrictions began in both graphs is indicated on the X axis (Days) by the Value 0. As can be seen there does appear to be an increase in the amount of internet search activity for Spotify after the lockdown restrictions were introduced. If you are interested in keeping up with more analysis of the Irish music industry, please give Music Economics a like on Facebook.

By Daragh O’Leary

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