Does Listening to Mozart Actually Make You Smarter?

Have you ever heard that listening to Mozart makes you smarter? I have. I can’t remember where from but I certainly have heard it. Naturally with statements like this that seem to float around I am a tiny bit skeptical of whether there is truth in it or not. Fortunately for me, someone has already tested this.

The study was titled Music and Spatial Task Performance: A Causal Relationship and examined whether listening to certain types of music improved a certain type of intelligence. That type of intelligence was spatial task performance. This is essentially a person’s ability to understand and remember the spatial relations between various objects.

To test this type of intelligence subjects were given tasks to complete. Typical tasks involved being shown a pieces of paper which were folded into a various shapes and having the subject try to imagine what this piece of paper would look like unfolded. They were given these tasks to do while having to listen to various types of music. Some were also given no music to listen to provide a reference category.

The results indicate that listening to Mozart did indeed improve subjects spatial task performance. I guess Mozart may actually make you smarter. If you are interested in keeping up with more analysis of the Irish music industry, please give Music Economics a like on Facebook.

By Daragh O’Leary

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