How Many People in Ireland Work in the Arts?

With COVID19 still restricting employment within the economy, a lot of people are finding themselves out of a job for at least the moment. Obviously, essential services are still open but non-essential services are not. The arts, entertainment, and recreation sector have taken a severe loss at this time because unfortunately while they are great... Continue Reading →

Attending Live Performances Makes Us Happier

Economists often get a lot of grief because of the cold and calculated nature of economics or the "dismal science" to quote Thomas Carlyle. And to be fair, maybe the stigma is some what warranted. Economists are often concerned with efficiency and productivity at an aggregate level which means they may overlook the more nuanced... Continue Reading →

How The Beatles Became The Best Band In The World

I'm currently reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell called Outliers: The Story of Success. The book tries to explain how incredibly successful people came to be so successful. One of the key features of the book is that it tries to dispel some of the myths surrounding successful people. Gladwell explains that very successful people don't benefit... Continue Reading →

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