How Apple Are Saving The Hearing Of Millions

Economics and public policy have long been intertwined. The very fact that a country is capitalist means that individuals and organisations within the country are ordered in a certain manner. This would be true also if the country was communist or socialist. The great works of British economist John Maynard Keynes are centered around the... Continue Reading →

What’s a Theory?

Over the Christmas period I like to accumulate books. Mostly because the holiday period generally means more free time and boredom can become an issue. One of the books I bought this year was Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time. While physics isn't my own discipline, I must say that I enjoyed the bits I... Continue Reading →

How Golden Discs Get Extra Money From Me

A recent post on this site looked at the decline in the contribution of physical music to global music revenue. CDs and Vinyl have finally been overtaken by streaming in this field. While there is a definite decline in the sale of CDs and other physical music formats, they still have their place in the music... Continue Reading →

Why Willie Nelson still plays a broken guitar

Willie Nelson is one of America’s most cherished singer-songwriters in American history. He’s so successful in music that you probably recognised his name even though you may not be able to name one of his songs. You’d think all this success would suggest that Willie Nelson probably equips himself with the finest and most expensive... Continue Reading →

Spotify and Nudges

There are over 2,000,000 apps on the App Store with each one clamouring and competing for your attention. Even the big ones have to fight for it, with Instagram and Snapchat copying each other with every pace just for a few seconds of your time. They’ll copy each other with ‘Stories’ and filters just so... Continue Reading →

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