Are Alcohol-Free Music Events A Bad Idea?

Last week I was fortunate enough to be published on RTE's Brainstorm platform. I wrote a piece which discussed news that the Irish government was considering bringing back music events provided they were alcohol-free events. The piece can be found below: Are alcohol-free live music events really a good idea? The piece contains discussion on... Continue Reading →

Mapping Ireland’s Major Music Festivals

This year I started writing posts comparing the size of the headlining acts of various festivals to see which festivals' headliners were bigger. To do this I looked at the three headlining acts for festivals and added up their combined number of monthly listeners on Spotify and then compared them to the headliners of other... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Donegal Sea Sessions

This site by in large is a blog which tries to explain basic economic concepts using examples from the music industry. However, it also occasionally provides an economic analysis of events in the music industry in order to provide commentary on the world of music. A popular example of this was the recent analysis of... Continue Reading →

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