Attending Live Performances Makes Us Happier

Economists often get a lot of grief because of the cold and calculated nature of economics or the "dismal science" to quote Thomas Carlyle. And to be fair, maybe the stigma is some what warranted. Economists are often concerned with efficiency and productivity at an aggregate level which means they may overlook the more nuanced... Continue Reading →

How The Beatles Became The Best Band In The World

I'm currently reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell called Outliers: The Story of Success. The book tries to explain how incredibly successful people came to be so successful. One of the key features of the book is that it tries to dispel some of the myths surrounding successful people. Gladwell explains that very successful people don't benefit... Continue Reading →

How Apple Are Saving The Hearing Of Millions

Economics and public policy have long been intertwined. The very fact that a country is capitalist means that individuals and organisations within the country are ordered in a certain manner. This would be true also if the country was communist or socialist. The great works of British economist John Maynard Keynes are centered around the... Continue Reading →

Why People Don’t Practice

When I was 16 I decided to teach myself to play guitar. I have been playing ever since and it's probably my favorite pass time. But, playing the guitar (or any instrument) doesn't always feel good. When anyone starts playing an instrument they're not going to be good at it immediately. This makes playing frustrating... Continue Reading →

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