Why People Don’t Care About the Order of Songs on Albums Anymore

The new advent of music streaming is a topic which has provided much debate in the music industry. Most criticism coming from the artists within the industry who don’t make as much money off of streaming as they did from CD and Vinyl sales. In spite of this criticism streaming has still had a massive... Continue Reading →


Where Do Most of Ireland’s Musicians come from?

For the size of the country that Ireland is, it hasn’t done too poorly in terms of producing music acts. The Republic of Ireland’s population is still under 5 million and Northern Ireland's is just over 1.8 million, and yet we have managed to produce some heavy weight acts to the world of music. Thin... Continue Reading →

Post-Festival Blues

If you were one of some 55,000 people lucky enough to venture up to Co. Laois last weekend for the Electric Picnic festival then you may have been feeling a tad bit down the past few days. Getting over that first initial day of exhaustion and dehydration is obviously going to be incredibly tough if... Continue Reading →

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