How Matt Helders’s Fashion Sense Propelled Royal Blood into Stardom

There are no successful musicians who haven’t gone through their tough times. Playing to empty clubs, getting booed off stage and being broke every day are just rights of passage to musicians and to be fair, their lives pick up a great deal after this phase. Before the help of online mediums of promoting music... Continue Reading →


Baby Got Bank

The name Sir Mix a Lot is one of the most famous in the world of Hip Hop. If you find that you’re not able to recall any of Sir Mix a Lot’s tracks don’t worry, you’ve definitely heard of at least one of them. Baby Got Back was a Hip Hop song released by... Continue Reading →

The Money Illusion

The music industry is a very strange market. It is fuelled by the talent of incredible artists, performers and producers and has communicated messages of love, despair, liberalism, achievement, and rebellion. The medium of which people consume music has changed throughout the years from records to tapes to CDs to MP3 format and nowadays to... Continue Reading →

How Chance the Rapper Made Musical History

At the 2017 Grammy awards Chance the Rapper became the first ever artist to be nominated and win a Grammy award through releasing their music only via online streaming. Chance the Rapper is a Chicago native and the 23-year-old rapper is setting a huge example for all aspiring artists of his generation. The rapper’s success... Continue Reading →

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