The Effect of Death on Music Sales

Mondays are usually tough enough in their own right, but this week on the 4th of March 2019 the start of the working week was accompanied by the savage loss of Keith Flint. As well as being an absolutely crucial character to British music, Keith was also an incredibly funny person who will be missed... Continue Reading →

Why Musicians Tour

Musicians make money in two ways from touring. The first being the sales from concert tickets and merchandise, the second is the increase in consumption of the musicians’ music and in particular their back catalog. When people go to see an act in concert they generally do a bit of preparation to get them into... Continue Reading →

Spotify and Nudges

There are over 2,000,000 apps on the App Store with each one clamouring and competing for your attention. Even the big ones have to fight for it, with Instagram and Snapchat copying each other with every pace just for a few seconds of your time. They’ll copy each other with ‘Stories’ and filters just so... Continue Reading →

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